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The Pro Tools Answers Hockey Jersey!

There’s gear and then there’s gear—the Pro Tools hockey jersey will not only be a cool shirt that you buy to show your purple Pro Tools passion, but will be come one of your favorite shirts period!

These are no fan-quality shirts, no sir—these are actual hockey jerseys for players. That means that they’re sturdy, and have that pro look that doesn’t compromise quality. Just like you.

These jerseys are brought to us by the great folks at North Side Sport, who serve national hockey teams. They’re 100% polyester (which means that they won’t shrink in the wash), and are proudly emblazoned with the Pro Tools Answers logo. On the back is a name and number that YOU can choose, making this shirt even cooler!

The cost of each shirt (plus shipping, VAT, and local taxes) is:

  • $80.00 USD
  • €70,00 Euro
  • £60.00 GBP

And if you’re a Pro Tools Answers Patron, you get the special discounted price of:

  • $64.00 USD
  • €55,00 Euro
  • £47.00 GBP

Since these shirts are so custom-made, we’ll work directly with you to process your order. Click the link below to get yours!

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