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Pro Tools Answers is FREE resource for Pro Tools Users across the world to gain in-depth understanding about Avid Pro Tools and how to properly use this incredibly powerful, and misunderstood, app. In a weekly episodic show hosted by Avid’s Pro Tools Experts Dave Phillips, Anders Motz and Andy Hagerman, the team divulge Expert level Pro Tools technique and hard to find information by answering questions from the user community, and fighting misinformation from across the internet. Pro Tools Answers episodes are available to watch on YouTube and on – ALL FOR FREE. None of our content is locked behind a paywall and none of our content is made only available through curated courses. Pro Tools Answers is funded entirely by community donations and subscriptions and Youtube ads. If you value our work, you can join our Inner Circle above where you will be invited into a closed community of Pro Tools enthusiasts and receive monthly in person Masterclasses from the PTA themselves.

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