Drawmer 1973 – Review

Drawmer 1973 – Review

A golden thread that you might see running through my reviews is a reliance on analog models. I love old school analog warmth and chase it in all of my mixes.

So when it the 1973 popped up on a Black Friday sale, I snapped it up.

Drawmer are the sound of British Warmth and I had the pleasure of Drawmer’s dynamic controllers while I was studying at SSR (School of Sound Recording). Sadly, my lifestyle doesn’t lend itself to a reliance on outboard equipment so I’m so glad that plugins like this exist – I can have that wonderful ‘Drawmer’ sound in the box and this plugin delivers in droves.

Modelling a three-band FET Multiband compressor with a soft knee that makes a versatile and flattering.

Each of the three bands allows the user to configure the cross over frequency so you can define exactly how your three bands will be dealt with

The threshold is a linear system that allows you to dial in just the right level for compression, while the attack and release are stepped (although you can bypass this in Pro Tools by holding down CMD while you adjust.), along side pre-set Fast, Medium and Slow time constants. The MU Gain allows full control of your bands’ output to the main output.

Each of the bands can be bypassed or muted all together so the band can be spared compression or muted from the output for specific applications.

The Low Band provides Drawmer’s “Big” mode, which applies a 100hz 6dB/Oct filter to the sidechain which makes the lower frequencies less susceptible to the compression and thus preserving the weight of the signal.

On the High Band, we have an “Air” circuit which re-introduces some of the original HF content that could have been lost during the signal’s journey through the unit.

This can also be re-introduced via the “Mix” control so an element of paralell compression can be applied within the unit itself.

The Master section of the Plugin provides your Input and Output gain/trims.

The value of the plugin ramps up with the Mid-Side circuit so it can be set to compress just the Mid or just the Sides instead of the full program audio.

The unit also provides Side Chain control so that compression can be trigger via the Key input instead of the internal sidechain.

The 1973’s sound is sublime. I use it often for Bass guitar so that I can preserve a controlled warm low end while boosting the mid range detail but it’s wonderful on the MasterBus for overall program control.

The compression character is smooth and it’s a warm blanket over the mix where you want your audience to be immersed in the emotional journey.

It’s a joy for the traditional mixer and for the asking price of the plugin, it’s a no brainer for a smooth FET style multiband unit.

The Drawmer 1973 plugin has been developed by Softtube, who are masters of analog sounding ITB processors. Get it right here and give your mixes a hug!

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